What's the Best Dog Crate for 2018?

Is your dog chewing up shoes and destroying your furniture? You might want to consider a crate! While crate training is key for puppies, it may also be a good choice when your little pup isn’t so little anymore.

It creates a little indoor escape for dogs and becomes a home within your home. Find out why dog crates can be a great option for dogs of any age and read our review of the various types of crates available. We’ve even picked out the best dog crate for you!

Top 5 Dog Crate Reviews

Pet Gear the Other Door Steel Crate with Plush Bolster Bed for Cats and Dogs


Best Dog Crate

As the most expensive of the dog crates being reviewed here, this dog crate by far has the most features and has been designed to both look beautiful and be cleverly functional.

This premium composite plastic and steel crate is breathtaking in its looks, and has a complimentary bed for the bottom of the crate. This insulated bed is made of fleece and comes with a storage bag. The crate is constructed out of steel inserts surrounded by a durable composite plastic, complete with rounded edges to mitigate scratching and damages to objects around the crate.

The best part about this crate is the fact that it can be opened from all four sides. One of the doors even slides up overhead like a garage door. This offers plenty of opportunities for fresh air for your pup! It comes with wheels on one side, and when broken down flat, it folds to a mere few inches in height, making it ideal for traveling. The bottom padding is comfortable, plush, and machine washable, making this crate an all-around good bet for you and your pet!

This crate comes in a range of three sizes, the small, which is 27 inches high, the medium, which is 36 inches, and the 42-inch large model. The manufacturer suggests using the large crate for dogs that exceed 50 pounds, the medium for dogs between 25 and 50 pounds, and for dogs that are lighter than 25 pounds, the small is recommended.

The crate looks very stylish and refined, appearing to resemble a den more than a traditional crate made of wire.

This crate is one of the priciest dog crates across all our incredible, highly reviewed dog kennels. Despite the price, this crate is quite beloved among people who own dogs and puppies. The crate comes chock-full of features, is incredibly stylish, and is sold in a handful of different sizes based on height. The eventual price of your kennel may be slightly lower or higher than others with a Pet Gear kennel based on the size that you select. This is considered by some people to be one of the value portable dog crates on the market.



  • check-circle
    Very Easy to Store and Transport
  • check-circle
    Does not need tools to setup and fold down.
  • check-circle
    Attractive, deluxe, highly functional crate.
  • times-circle
    The Product is heavy

AmazonBasic Folding Metal Dog Crate


AmazonBasic Folding Metal Dog Crate

Our second recommendation is a new release from AmazonBasic-- their low-priced but high-quality Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Built with a sturdy metal interior and complete with durable latches, it’s our runner up for the best kennel in the metal dog crate industry. With different sizes for many different breeds of dogs, this durable kennel’s latches will resist even the largest, most excited dogs. No more having to uncomfortably reach into the depth of your kennel to clean out the nubby bottom of your dog’s crate-- the plastic pan at the bottom of the crate can be easily removed to be cleaned.

The Folding Metal Dog Crate from AmazonBasics, is our highest rated folding dog crate. This folding crate can be purchasedin two different style-- those with a single door and those with two doors. Included with both options is a metal divide, which you can use to either reduce crate space or keep two dogs separate in one crate. Since it is designed to collapse for easy storage, it is even easier to fold down than our top option, the Pet Gear.

Like the Pet Gear, the AmazonBasics crate comes in three main size options. For dogs heavier than 50 pounds, the largest 42-inch crate is the best size crate for your dog. If you have a slightly smaller breed, one that would weigh between 26 and 50 pounds, the medium 36 inches is ideal. For smaller dog breeds (those that weigh less than 25 pounds:) the 24-inch crate, the smallest offered from AmazonBasics, is the best crate size for your puppy.

Based solely off price, this is one of the highest quality dog crates. Keep in mind that the price of the crate will vary depending on whether you opt for a single or a double door and the size you select. Often, however, you will still end up paying less overall compared to the other high-quality dog crates.

The AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate, although slightly less expensive and with few bells and whistles than Pet Gear, is still a very close contender. The AmazonBasics crate offers exceptional value for the price with almost unmatched quality.



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    Comes in 3 sizes, single/double door and a separator.
  • check-circle
    Easy to collapse and transport.
  • check-circle
    Functional and sturdy.
  • check-circle
    Great for dogs of all sizes.
  • check-circle
    Simple to setup and inexpensive.
  • times-circle
    Not ideal for aggressive dogs.​​​​

MidWest iCrate Dog Crate


MidWest iCrate Dog Crate

The single-door,1500 Series Midwest iCrate comes in six different sizes that range from extra small, which is just 14 inches high, to extra-large, which is a whopping 33 inches tall. The iCrate’s metal wires are coated with a satin black Electro-Coat finish. The crate also features an easy-to-clean plastic pan on the bottom, making it a convenient crate for potty and crate training, as well as messy dogs in general.

This crate, like the Pet Gear and AmazonBasics crates, also ships with a metaldivider that many customers use to make their crates proportional to the size of their puppies: you can start it off small using the divider, and then expand the crate as they grow. Kennels that come with dividers like the Midwest iCrate dog crate have been proven to cut potty training time in half. TheiCrate has a few other notable features-- it features rounded corners on the inside of the kennel to make the crate a safer option for your furry friend, and the deadbolt latches on the door keep your pet secure and make the crate harder to get out of.

The Midwest iCrate dog crate has been designed with safety, security, and comfort of your pet in mind. When you first get the kennel, there are no tools required to assemble it, which is something that anybody can do within seconds, even if it is your first try! Also, when the crate is not in use, Midwest’s iCrate is easy to fold down in the case you want to move it somewhere. It also comes standard with detachable handles, making it very easy to carry and maneuver.



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    Easy to clean
  • check-circle
    You can simply slide out and wash the bottom tray
  • check-circle
    Double sliding latches to decrease chances of your pet being able to escape
  • check-circle
    Extremely durable and can withstand the rage of most dog breeds
  • times-circle
    Smaller crates only come with one latch and is easy to open

OxGord Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal


OxGord Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal

The OxGord Paws & Pals Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, which comes equipped with a metal panel that divides the crate into partitions, will grow as your new puppy does. This mechanism gives you complete control in adjusting the space that your dog will need as part of their crate and potty training schedule. While on the lookout for a new crate for your pup, remember that the Humane Society of the United States recommends that any crate be large enough for an adult dog to stand up and turn around in, which the OxGord and its six different sizes, fulfills. Buying one large crate with a divider eliminates the cost of buying a series of progressively larger crates as your little one grows. However, this means that initially the entire crate will be too big for your pup. This durable kennel can contain the most excited of puppies or energetic of dogs, as the durable wires are made completely out of stainless steel.

Like many of our other favorite crates, safety is made a top priority in the OxGord, with all the potentially sharp metal edges rounded down. The safety features don’t stop there, however, as the OxGord includes a double door system allowing you easy access to your pup. Security also is made a priority in this kennel, as included are a series of slip-resistant, dead bolt latches. For the messy pups in your life, the bars of the crate have been painted a durable, black, electro-coat finish, which is entirely washable. The tray, made of durable ABS thermoplastic,is easily removable. Simply slide out the tray from two long grooves to remove it!

As with all of our recommended crates, the OxGord is portable, requires no tools to set up and take down, and collapses down to less than 4 inches tall – making it portable and perfect for travel. It also includes a handle, making carrying no hassle.



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    Double-door size options include 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” crates.
  • check-circle
    Free dividers are included
  • check-circle
    Transporting the crate is easy with the comfortable attached carry handle.
  • times-circle
    Needs proper insulation during colder season

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

This crate is made from durable and high-quality material that is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. It also has excellent ventilation for your dog as it has three large mesh doors as well as a mesh window. Like most soft crates, it is lightweight for easy transportation.

The EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy traveling and a plush mat to keep your dog comfortable and warm. Reviews of the crate have said that this crate is super easy to both put up and take down. Many of these reviews mention that both are quick and easy to do, taking just a few minutes. The material in the mat is washable as well, making this crate extremely easy to clean.

Even though the material of this crate is just as durable, if not more so, than other comparable soft crates, it still won't stand up to chewers, scratchers, and canines that are trying to escape. If your dog wants to get out of this crate, he will most likely succeed. This would not be a good crate for a puppy or for more rambunctious breeds.

Reviews have also mentioned that this crate is not good for transporting dogs. The bottom and all the sides are soft, so with any movement, the crate will collapse around them if you try to carry them. It's a great crate for traveling if you're just planning on having it sit somewhere solid alongside you, but if you need something that you can carry your pet inside of then this isn't the crate for you.

The bottom line is that this crate comes in many sizes, making it a great option for any breed of dog. It provides lots of room as well as excellent ventilation for any size pet. The crate is also perfect for dogs that are not too keen on being crated, as there are big mesh windows to look out of, hopefully reducing confinement anxiety.

This crate is comfortable for your pet, very lightweight, and comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy traveling (if you don't want to transport your dog inside of the crate). The exterior of the crate also has handy pockets to store all your dog’s travel accessories. It is fashionable, coming in a variety of colors o match any home's décor.

If your dog is well suited for a soft crate, this is a very good choice. Consumers have been very happy with it overall, and many reviews have mentioned that they've had it for years with the durable material still holding up.



  • check-circle
    Great option for tall, slim dogs
  • check-circle
    Comes with a convenient carrying bag
  • check-circle
    Mat and carrying bag are all machine washable
  • times-circle
    Only suitable for dogs that are 100% crate trained

7 Reasons Crate Training Your Dog Is So Beneficial To Their Health

There are many important skills and commands canine owners can teach their dogs such as sit, stay, come here and crate training. Regardless of what you may have heard about crate training from other people, the process is not cold-hearted or cruel.  In fact, veterinarians and breeds have encouraged dog owners to start the crate training process when the dog is a puppy.

A crate provides your dog with shelter – a place for them to feel safe and content or recover from a sickness. It’s their own personal bedroom.

Bear in mind that your dog will experience a closed, locked crate at some point in their lives. They may experience at the vet’s office (when they must stay overnight for tests or other reasons), they’ll experience in during a boarding stay or when at the groomer’s.

Not teaching your dog about crates is actually a disfavor to them, as it can lead to stressful situations and anxiety. Dogs, when they experience a crate for the first time, may become resistant and hostile.

What are some key reasons to use crate training for your dog?

  • question-circle
    It’s easier to potty train them.
  • question-circle
    Traveling with your canine is easier to do because they’re familiar with their crate.
  • question-circle
    It’s an important tool to give your dog some structure.
  • question-circle
    Crates aid your dog in relaxing mentally.
  • question-circle
    Your dog can view the crate as being peaceful and relaxing, especially when times are chaotic such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Halloween.
  • question-circle
    Decrease your dog’s anxiety for when you leave them alone at the house
  • question-circle
    Stop their unwanted behavior - chewing household objects, window barking, counter surfing, etc

How To Choose The Right Dog Crate

Now that you know the reasons for crate training, it’s time for you to choose the right kind. The kind of crate you get will depend on one key thing – your dog’s breed and size. Therefore, you need to buy a crate that’s based on the animal’s full grown size.  Until they reach that size, use a divider to make the crate the right size for them for the time being.

You don’t want a crate that’s too small for your dog that they are unable to move around in. And, an overly large crate means your dog has enough room to make a mess without sullying their bedding. 

Your crate should allow for plenty of ventilation.

3 Things You Should Never Do While Crate Training Your Canine Friend

      1.  Leave Him/Her In The Crate All Day

       Your dog is going to need bathroom breaks, needs to eat and needs to get out and play. While a dog won’t use the bathroom in the area he/she sleeps in; they could if they’ve been in the crate for much longer than they need to be. This is not because of your dog, but because you failed to provide them with the assistance they needed.

     2.  Don’t Punish Your Dog With The Crate

     Don’t ruin your dog’s view of the crate, which should be their happy place a – room to themselves. Your dog should never see the crate as a punishment tool, which could cause them to fear it.

     3.   Become Impatient

     Your dog will learn things when in his/her own time. Don’t rush the process and remain consistent with your teachings. Your dog will eventually love the crate and go to it when you command.

     Crate training is a useful tool, but must be done with care. With a little patience and time, you can train your dog to follow your commands without causing them undue stress and anxiety.

How to Make your Dog Love the Crate

Crates act as a haven for your dog where it can sleeps, hide during thunderstorms as well as a means of transport. While crating is an essential tool in nurturing a dog, if not done correctly, it could result in frustrations for both the owner and the pet. During the process, the first impression that the dog forms is quite essential. It is, therefore, vital to plan so that they don’t get to associate it with bad experiences. Below are some steps in training your dog to love the crate.

Selecting an Appropriate Crate

Crates come in different colors, materials, sizes, and specifications. It is vital that you pick the most suitable one for your dog. It should have enough space for it to turn around, fit in while standing and stretch without straining. To make it even more inviting, fit a chew-resistant dog bed into it.

Crate Placement

The crate should be in a place where the dog doesn’t feel isolated. Put it where the dog likes spending time. This could be next to the couch, in front of the television or close to your bed. The crate can also be moved to the ideal location of the moment.

Crate Training Process

Just like humans, pets too don’t like being held up against their will. It would be devastating to drastically introduce the crate by locking your dog up in it without prior familiarization. The process should be scheduled to take a while. Depending on past experiences, age and temperament, it could even take a few months to be successful.

  • Introducing the Crate to Your Pet
  • check
    Teaching your dog to love the crate starts with the introduction. The move should be casual and aimed at making the dog familiarize and love the crate by associating it with pleasant experiences. Place it where the dog likes to spend time and have a toy and blanket in it to allow them to sniff and explore it on their own and eventually learn to spend time in it. You can reinforce this by offering them a treat whenever they do.
  • Direct the Dog into the Crate
  • check
    Not all dogs will be bold enough to venture into the crate without help. If after having the crate around for a while your dog is not curious enough, encouraging him a little will help. Bring the dog to it and use positive words to make him go in. Having some treats in the crate could help. At this stage, the aim is to make him comfortable going in. To attain this, secure the door open, so he doesn’t feel trapped. Repeat this move patiently until it yields results, and the dog can calmly walk in.
  • Make the Dog Spend Time in it
  • check
    Once your pet can comfortably go into the crate, it is now time to make him spe=nd time in it confidently. Let him have his regular meals close to the crate before moving them into the crate near the door before eventually placing it inside. This step requires that you do this gradually. Initially, leave the door open so he can move out after eating if he so wishes. With time, start closing the door for a few minutes and increase the duration moderately.

     With this kind of gradual training, your dog will love his crate and treat it as his safe abode. 

Crate Training Basics

Get Your Dog to Follow the Treat

For each of the following examples, sit on the floor or in a chair right next to the crate.

  • question-circle
    Signal to your dog to head to the crate with a consistent verbal cue like "Go to sleep." (Make sure to select a phrase you like, so that you can remember to say the same thing every time!)
  • question-circle
    Reveal to your dog one of their treats and gently toss the treat into the crate. When your dog heads into the kennel after the treat, shower them with praise and give them another bone while they are still inside.  
  • question-circle
    Come up with a verbal cue, like "out," to let your dog know that they can come out of their crate. Make sure that you don't reward your dog when they leave the kennel, as they need to understand that they are safe and happy in the crate.

Get Your Dogs Used to Longer Hours in The Crate

After your dog is more comfortable in the kennel with no signs of stress or fear, you can leave them in the crate for short spans when you are home.

  • question-circle
    Signal them to enter the crate using the verbal cue you used to train them. Make sure to give them a treat outside of the kennel for this step.
  • question-circle
    Encourage them to get into the crate by pointing to the crate while holding a treat.
  • question-circle
    When your dog makes it into the crate, give them praise and the treat. Close the door to the kennel after or during your approval.
  • question-circle
    Quietly stand or sit close to the crate for around ten minutes, and then leave to go to another room for ten minutes more.
  • question-circle
    Re-enter the room with the crate, stand or sit near the kennel quietly for a minute or two, and then release your dog from the kennel.
  • question-circle
    Repeat these steps once or twice a day. Begin to slowly increase the time that you are out of sight every few days.

Get Your Dog to Feel Comfortable in Their Crate

When you get to the point where your dog is comfortable for about a half hour in the crate and exhibits no signs of distress, you can begin to leave them in their kennel for short spans of time, for example, when you aren't around or overnight.

  • question-circle
    Get them to enter their crate using the command you trained them with above (and their favorite treat!) Also, it's possible to put a few dog toys (safe ones, of course!) in the kennel to keep them calm.
  • question-circle
    As you start to leave your dog in the crate more and more often, switch up the time when you put them in their kennel. Your dog can go into the kennel between ten to twenty minutes before you leave, but not any longer than that.
  • question-circle
    Don't overexcite your dog when you leave. Try to keep departing simple by giving your dog some brief praise, giving them their treat for heading into their kennel, and then walking out quietly.
  • question-circle
    When you let your dog out of their crate, don't promote excited behavior by responding to them in an over-enthusiastic way. Keep releasing them from their kennel quietly to mitigate any anxiety they may have about your reappearance.  Continue to put your dog in their kennel while you are home, however, so they don't associate their time in the kennel with abandonment.

Best Dog Crates List: Our 2018 Comparison Guide

Types of Crates

Wire Dog Crate

Wire crates are well-ventilated, and often portable (though they can be a bit heavy). They’re a great option for dogs that like to see their surroundings, need a little extra air-flow, and aren’t escape artists.

While they aren’t the most attractive options, and can be noisier than other types of crates, wire crates are also easy to clean, and offer removable panels so your puppy can grow into the space. You can also find some which are collapsible for easy transport.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

These tough numbers are made to house the most clever and destructive dogs. They are a bit expensive, yet they more than pay for themselves if you have to replace a less sturdy crate several times due to your pup’s antics.

Another plus for heavy-duty crates: Some are approved for airline travel. So, if your dog is already accustomed to this crate, travel will be much easier.

Fashion Dog Crate

Just like they sound, fashion crates are fashion forward. Their wood or rattan finish certainly looks the best of all these options around the house, and some can even double as a side table, proving that these crates aren’t just a pretty face — they’re functional too.

The downside to these crates is that they’re not an option for destructive dogs due to their wood-based construction. They could also be easily damaged if they have a wood floor and there is an unexpected accident.

Plastic Dog Crate

Plastic dog crates are also not the most attractive kennel option, however, they’re great for dogs that like a little more privacy and seclusion when they sleep. But, they’re not as well-ventilated or as easy to clean as the wire crate. Plastic crates have a cozy vibe and are difficult for dogs to escape from.

Plastic crates are also great for air travel and are easy to store when they’re not in use (the top half comes off so you can easily stack the two halves).

Soft-Sided Dog Crate

There are several pluses for soft-sided crates: they’re lightweight, great for travel, and store easily. However, they’re really only an option for smaller dogs. They’re also more difficult to clean, can be easy for curious pups to escape from, or destructive pups to chew through.

The Dog Days of Pet Ownership: Choosing a Crate


Many dog crates on the market are available in a whole range of different sizes. It is essential that you purchase a kennel that is just the right size for your furry friend so that your dog or puppy can be safe and comfortable -- but you also want to buy one small enough so that your dog will not be moving around in the crate too much.

It is recommended that you measure the width, length, and the height of your dog before making your crate purchase.

To determine what length would fit your dog best, measure them from the tip of their nose to the very end of their tail. Once you have this measurement, add around five inches to it to make sure that your dog has room to turn around in the crate.

To find out the height of your furry friend, determine the height by lining up a tape measure or ruler from the tip of the dog’s head to your dog’s toes. Now that you have this measurement add around two or three inches to the recorded height so that they can have some room to stretch. 

The best way to measure the width of your dog is to measure across the top of their shoulders. Then, be sure to add around six or seven inches to that measurement to ensure your dog has room to nap in their kennel comfortably.

Doors and Latches

Depending on the price of your new kennel, there is a definitive difference in the caliber and the number of the latches on the crate itself. Many inexpensive crates for sale have only one fastener to make sure your dog is secure. This use of just one pin is in stark comparison tohigher-end kennels, which use two or more latches to ensure your furry friend is securely inside. The most common type of fasteners used on dog crates are called deadbolt latches. These locks feature a rod on the kennel door fitting through a pin on the side of the door, so your dogs can't push their way out of their crate

Another thing that you are likely to come across during your search is a kennel that can be opened from two, or potentially even three, sides. If you have puppies or are considering getting puppies, then this may be a feature that you want to consider having as part of your kennel. Having two or more places to access the kennel from can make it easier to put energetic little puppies in their new crate.


You can find the right crate for your breed of dog with a full range of large and small kennels in a variety of different materials. Consider the various uses of your crate while you're in the market for one.

A wire crate in a contained area like a car offers plenty of air circulation in warmer weather while keeping the dog safe. Fabric crates are handy if you need to have a "pop-up" kennel in a hurry. If you want an item that looks good in your home, consider a wicker crate. Wood crates, commonly called doghouses, work well for your outdoor pets. For those that travel regularly with their dogs in the car, there are sloping crates designed for a hatchback or a sedan. If you plan to fly with your dog, most airlines require specific airline approved travel crates.


The perfect kennel for your furry friend should be comfortable as well as durable to make sure that the crate works for you and your dog for as long as possible. To find the durable crate that you and your dog have been dreaming about, you should check how the kennel was constructed.

The most important thing that you should consider is the bars on the outside of the kennel, and whether the manufacturer has coated the bars for safety reasons. For the most part, the bars for crates are composed of aluminum or steel. It is crucial to remember that without an exterior coating, like paint or powder on the bars, these raw-metal kennels are prone to develop problems like rust, scratching, and other issues. Nearly all the longest-lasting crates up for sale are coated with a powder coating. Powder coating is a thermoplastic material, stronger and more durable than traditional paint. This strength and durability is a feature that you need to keep an eye out for while you search.


The budget is the thing that is always on everyone’s mind. It is crucial to make sure that you spend a reasonable amount of money on a crate relative to your financial situation. Remember, the kennel that you end up purchasing is where your furry friend will begin to spend many hours. Of course, you would want a comfortable crate for them during these hours.

It is also good to understand that no matter which features you get on a kennel, all of them inherently serve the same or, at least, very similar purposes. You must do some research and prioritize the features that are the least important to you and the features are necessary for your unique situation.

Best Dog Crate Brands: Recommended Manufacturer

MidWest vs. EliteField vs. Pet Gear vs. Oxgord vs. AmazonBasic

If you’re on the hunt for a new kennel, this catalog of dog crate producers will help you find the right kennel for you. Every one of these companies supplies a unique assortment of crates, each in a variety of substances and dimensions. They all also produce other products for your dog, like toys, bowls, and beds, making them great for all of your dog needs!

While all brands offer greats designs of kennels and dog crates, they're all very different. We’ve chosen this variety of manufacturers because they all offer different types of kennels to serve dogs and owners with different needs.

Although these manufacturers might offer a variety of different features, these dog crates do have a few similarities.

For example, these brands provide sufficient ventilation in their kennels. Ventilation is an important aspect that all kennels should include. Ventilation is crucial for temperature regulation inside the crate and guarantees your dog can effortlessly breathe.

A safe lock is another vital feature. A secure lock will keep your pup safe in his crate when you leave home or have them stay safe and sound in their crate while traveling.

These kennels offer specific fixtures that keep man’s best friend safe and contained.

All five of these dog crate brands produce well-made, safe crates with heavy-duty materials. Every kennel has been designed for a different breed and type of dog. If you select a kennel that can effectively meet the needs your specific furry friend, any of the kennels produced by these brands are going to last for the whole duration of your pet’s life, and maybe even for the next furry friend in your life!

MIDWEST - Recommended Manufacturer

MidWest Homes for Pets bills itself as the largest home builder for all types of pets. Whether or not this is correct, Midwest is in fact popular for the quality of their craftsmanship. As a dog crate manufacturer, they offer an extensive collection of dog crates.

They offer many different types of crates-- from wire crates that you can fold down and move with you, to neat, aesthetic wicker and even a soft-sided cloth collection of crates. They have even created unique dog crates that they have designed to specifically fit next to each other in a van or other large vehicle.

You can visit MidWest Homes for Pets at their website: www.midwesthomes4pets.com

Wrapping Things Up

Crates can be a terrific tool for traveling, house training your dog, or just for providing a den-like space for your dog to relax and feel safe. Crates can also be overused to the point that they can harm a dog mentally and emotionally. When you purchase a crate, make sure that your dog doesn’t spend more of their day inside the crate than outside of it.

There are many different types of dog crates out there-- choosing the right one can be a challenge! We hope our buying guide has been useful and has helped you make an informed decision.