About Us

Who ​​​​We Are

If you have a big place in your heart for your dog and will do what you can to protect him or her, you’ve come to the right place. We are a group of dog owners and dog lovers who created a website for our fellow dog lovers.

In Acrate Time, we feature a plethora of products to help secure your dog, products that make your life and your dog’s even better, and lots of helpful articles on pet care.

We have grown over the years with our own pet dogs, learning about their different personalities, understanding how to best take care of them, and also have had our hearts broken by them. Whatever we know about dog care, we have them here in ACrate Time.

What We Want To Achieve 

Our ultimate goal is to help you find the best products to suit your dog’s needs and also be fully equipped with know hows especially about taking care of your pets, making sure they are growing in the healthiest of environments.

Acrate Time is not only for existing dog owners, this place is also for people who love dogs and have not had the pleasure yet of owning and taking care of one.

Why should you trust us? Well, aside from the fact that we have successfully kept our beloved dogs alive and well, we also only give you honest accounts of every dog product we try to make sure you are not fooled into buying one and get disappointed.

Thank you for checking us out! Come visit Acrate Time again some time!!