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The Best Dog Crate For Pitbulls – An In-Depth Buying Guide

best dog crate for pitbull

A Pit Bull is a companion and a family oriented dog breed that was originally bred to "bait" bulls. Over time, the breed evolved into all around farm dogs, and later into house dogs. Pit Bulls are known for their strength, hence, conventional dog crates may not be suitable for them as conventional cages may not be strong enough to contain a Pit Bull. So we have personally pick out the best dog crate for pitbull for you and for your safety.


The Best Dog Crate For Pitbulls -  The Top Picks

Due to the fact, the Pit Bulls are very strong, finding the right dog crate for them may be difficult. The dog crate that you'll buy for your Pit Bull has to be strong and durable in order to ensure that the said crate would be able to last and contain your dog for a long time.

I've narrowed down my search to the top dog crate for your Pitbull to make it easier to find and buy the perfect dog crate for your canine companion!

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect is a brand that is widely known for making some of the world's strongest dog crates. This particular dog crate was specially designed to contain powerful and aggressive dogs thanks to strong steel tubing, stout dual door latches, and heavy-duty welding at stress points.

Forged from 20-gauge steel and reinforced by ½" diameter steel tubes - this dog crate was built like a tank.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

 You can be sure that this product will last and be able to withstand anything that your dog throws at it.

At $501.53, I guarantee that this wonderful dog crate is worth every cent that it costs. You'll be getting the best value out of your money without any regrets. You can't go wrong with this awesome dog crate!



  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Has a lot of room for your dog
  • A little expensive
  • Heavy
  • Metal label can be hazardous

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate

This wonderful dog crate was made with superior commercial-quality materials to ensure that it would be able to stand up to anything that your Pit Bull throws at it. The floor grate and steel tray grip of this crate was built to last as they're rust and corrosion resistant.

Lastly, there are side and top doors to ensure that you'll have easy and convenient access to your dog.

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate

For easy and convenient mobility, SmithBuilt built this amazing dog crate with four rolling casters which you can look at anytime with ease.

You're sure to be set for an entire lifetime with this dog crate. This is the perfect dog crate to purchase if you are looking for a lightweight yet durable dog crate that is easy to move around and easy to access.

Conservatively priced at $129.99, this crate is something that anyone can own. You'll be saving lots of dollars with this awesome crate, and at the same time be getting a top quality product.

This dog crate is indeed a must have and I recommend that you get it yourself as soon as possible!



  • Easy to move around
  • Side and top doors allow for easy access
  • Heavy duty
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Locks could be better
  • Heavy
  • Plastic wheels could be steel

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Aluminum Dog Crate

This dog crate was constructed out of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum which is known for its durability and strength. While built to be secure and strong, this amazing dog crate is light enough to be carried by a single person with little to no effort.

Security is very important, this is why each door of this dog crate comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. 

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Aluminum Dog Crate

You'll never again have to worry about thieves trying to steal your canine companion ever again!

At $875.75, this dog crate is the priciest on my list. Don't let the price dismay you as you'll be getting everything that you paid for with this awesome dog crate.

This crate is truly one amazing product that provides you with the best security for your Pit Bull. You're sure to be getting the best with this wonderful product!



  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Provides exceptional security
  • Ultra durable
  • Expensive
  • Does not have wheels and a handle
  • Could be larger

The Best Dog Crate For Pitbulls - Why Purchase A Crate For Your Pit Bull?

As we all know, a Pit Bull is a very strong dog. It is no secret that Pit Bulls know how to be aggressive towards intruders and strangers. Not everyone who enters your home is an intruder and your Pit Bull pay pose as a danger towards unfamiliar guests to your home.
A dog crate allows you to keep your guests safe from your Pit Bull which may turn aggressive towards them.

Dog crates also come in handy when you're looking to travel or transport your Pit Bull from one place to another. Dogs can sometimes make messes and dog crates allow you to transport your Pit Bull while at the same time containing those messes that they may make while on the road.

A dog crate is essential to any Pit Bull owner and if you don't have one, I suggest that you get yourself one immediately as soon as possible!

The Best Dog Crate For Pitbulls - A Wrap Up

Among the three dog crates that I've selected, I have to say that the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage has got to be the absolute best among the three.

I chose this dog crate because of everything that comes with it. You'll be getting the perfect package with this product that will ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable while you're travelling, away from home, or entertaining guests.

This heavy duty dog crate is the best and I'm sure that your Pit Bull would also have the same opinion!

You truly can't go wrong with this wonderful product!