Five Common Dog Crate Materials

dog crate materials

There are a lot of things to consider in buying a dog crate for your beloved companion, there’s the size, budget, durability, and safety, among other things. But not a lot of dog owners consider the material used for the dog crate as one of the important factors.

Today, we will take a look at the five common dog crate materials used in manufacturing and why this material is right for your dog.

Dog Crate Materials

Wooden dog crates

The main reason most dog owners opt to buy a wooden dog crate is the aesthetic. It’s easy on the eyes, not hard to match to your existing house decor, and there are even wooden dog crates in the market that double as your actual home furniture.

Heck, there are even wooden dog crates that also function as a coffee table! Personally, I don’t exactly know why you’d want a dog crate as a coffee table but you do you, boo!

Wooden dog crates

Kidding aside, wooden dog crates are conventional and there are a lot of wooden dog crates that are well designed. It may not be as sturdy or long lasting as the other materials but it it strong enough to hold the non-aggressive breeds.

Aluminum crates

Aluminum, however you want to pronounce it, is also a very common dog crate material because you are guaranteed great crate ventilation.

Ventilation, however, is not the only highlight of an aluminum dog crate. It may not be as pleasing to the eyes as a wooden dog crate and can even be a little stark, but its durability is definitely suitable for dogs that are a little aggressive.

Aluminum crates

If you choose an aluminum dog crate, you are guaranteed to have a strong and long lasting crate for your best buddy.

Wire dog crates

Now when it comes to dog crates materials, wire dog crates are arguably the most popular. If you live in a place where it gets really hot, this is the type of crate you should go for because of the unbelievable ventilation your dog will get.

Since this is well ventilated, it has a lot of visibility as well which is suitable for dogs that are a little claustrophobic.

Another highlight is, like aluminum, wire dog crates are incredibly easy to clean.

Wire dog crates

The lack of insulation, however, is bad for your dog especially during the winter season. This can also get really heavy and is not portable.

Soft dog crates

Dog owners who go for soft dog crates is mainly because of how it looks like an actual home for your dog rather than a cage. Portability and aesthetics are the top selling points of soft dog crates but not entirely.

This type of dog crate is easy to store away, easy to bring with you, and most soft dog crates come with a carry bag where you can put your collapsed dog crate.

Soft dog crates

This dog crate does come with disadvantages, I’m afraid. No, nothing in life is perfect.

Soft dog crates are easily damaged, easy to escape from, and the least durable of all the types of dog crates.

Metal Dog Crates

Metal dog crates are good for active and aggressive dogs. This type of dog crate will definitely deter any escape of damage your dog will attempt.

Metal dog crates however are not the best to choose if you have your home decoration to consider and if you are looking for a more homey crate for your dog.

Metal Dog Crates

It can also get quite heavy and is definitely not as portable as a soft dog crate but the security of your dog is definitely ensured.

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