How long can a dog stay in a crate?

how long can a dog stay in a crate

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How Long can a Dog Stay in a Crate

This question has been asked many times around the internet. The simple answer is 8 hours. 

But this answer can vary according to the dog’s age, dog breed, and their behavior. 

In any case, you should never let your dog stay in a crate for more than 8 hours at a time. If you really want to know how long can a dog stay in a crate, keep reading this article.  

Crate Training is Necessary

Many pet owners worry about their fuzzy little friend while at work. They get lonely, anxious, and howl giving the whole neighborhood a problem. They can make a mess around the house.

The best way to overcome this type of situation is by giving them a crate. 

Crate training is a must for pet owners who leave their dogs all alone during their work. 

Some people think putting your dog in a crate is cruel. But, if done right, your little friend will love his crate and feel very comfortable while you are away. 

Things to Consider

Even though giving your pup a crate is crucial, you should also consider the condition of your dog. 

Some dogs just cannot tolerate being put in a crate. Even with heavy crate crating, they may not be able to handle themselves inside his/her crate. They will be anxious and howl until they are freed from their crate. 

So if your dog has that kind of personality you should consider other options.

But you should not give up easily. Try different methods like putting toys, eatable items inside the crate. 

Put comfortable beddings and things your dog likes in the crate. They will eventually like their crate if you make it comfortable. 

These are some factors that can make your dog stayed inside the crate for a longer period. 

You should also note that the age of the dog and the type of breed are huge factors.

This table below will help you understand how long should your dog or puppy be in a crate.

Dog's Age Maximum Time in a rate
8-10 weeks 30-60 minutes
11-14 weeks 1 - 3 hours
15-16 weeks 3 - 4 hours
17+ weeks 4-5 hours
Healthy Adult Dog 8 hours

Finding the right crate for your dog

If you want your puppy to stay comfortable in his crate. You have to choose the perfect crate for your dog. 

There are vast amounts of crates available in the market. 

A soft dog crates may likely seem a good choice for your puppy. They will tear and break easily. 

You should buy plastic or metal crates. They are durable and your little furry friend will not be able to chew his way out easily. 

Dogs like bulldogs or pugs will want a well-ventilated crate while some other dogs will be more comfortable in a crate with more privacy. 

Choosing the correct crate size is very important for your dog. If the crate is too small or too big, your pup will feel anxious. They will not be able to stay in their crate for a long time. 

You have to be very careful to pick the correct size for your little friend. 

Alternatives to Crate

If your dog cannot handle his crate even with intense crate training. Then you should think of other alternatives for your dog when you are away.

There are plenty of dog walkers and a sitter available to call. This will get your expenditure up a bit. 

You can also try getting your dog to your friends or your relatives while you are away.

You can also take your dog to work with you if that is an option. Some workplace allows their pet to works and even have some sort of playground for their pets. 

A good alternative to a crate is a playpen. Your puppy friend might find it comfortable and stayed in his playpen during your working hours. 

You can also consider letting your dogs to doggie daycare during your busy hours. 

Over Crating Risks

When is too much? This is a very important question. 

You will know your dog is in his crate too long if his behavior started to change. 

They will become more aggressive. Instead of giving them a comfortable home, the dogs will feel suffocated.

This can lead to serious health issues like depression, behavior problems. They will try to get out of his crate and can get hurt himself/herself. 


If you work long hours and want your dog to stay in his crate for a long time. You should consider all the points mentioned in this article. 

Choosing the right size, having proper crate training, and making the crate comfortable is a must. 

If you follow all these steps, your little furry friend will be able to stay in his crate for a long time.  

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