How to fold a Dog Crate

How to fold a Dog Crate

As a person who loves traveling, I often take my dog with me. But some hotels would require that I put my dog contained in a cage. And that’s when I started using a foldable dog crate. But I was having a hard time trying to fold the foldable crate my first time with it.

So here is my guide on How to fold a dog crate and hoping it might help some of you out. 


  1. Empty Everything: You must empty everything inside the crate before you begin the folding process. This included the dog’s blankets, food, toys, and any other things inside the crate. You should also remove the bottom liner. It can usually slide out. There will be a small opening at the bottom.  
  2. Clean the Crate: After you empty everything, clean the crate thoroughly. Use a clean cloth and wipe the crate. If there is a bit dirty scrub, try using a non-toxic cleaner. You should also take this opportunity to launder the blankets or pads along with it. And don’t forget to clean the food and water bowl as well.  
  3. Close the door properly: Before you try and fold the crate. You must make sure that you close the front door and if they have a side door, close them as well. The crate will not fold properly if the door is not closed fully. 
  4. Look for a manual: You should first check the manual if there is one provided with the crate. If there is none, fear not! We will begin with the actual steps now. 

Folding the Crate

  1. Fold the shorter side: In the shorter side of the crates, there will be a tab that holds the side panel.  After that, gently press down the wire of the top panel. This will release the tabs.
  2. Detaching the sides: After the tab is released, gently pull out the long panel while pushing the short side simultaneously. This will unhook the connecting latches and release the panels from each other.
  3. Pushing the sided in: Gently lift the top up slightly. This will loosen the shorter side and you can push the short side inside the crate. Do this for the other short side as well.
  4. Push the long end: After the shorter sides are firmly laid to the bottom, the longer side will become wobbly. Push one side of the long ends towards the floor. This will flatten itself against the floor. After that, you can easily fold the other side and fold the crate without any problem. Make use of the latch and attached the crate. This will make sure the crate will accidentally unfold during the trip.  


By following all these little steps from this short article. You will be able to travel around the world with your best friend and have almost no problem with the hotels your in.

Have a wonderful voyage.

John Stamus

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Liana - October 27, 2020

Very good article. Thanks!


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