A Home Without a Roof – Importance of Using Dog Crate Covers

Dog crate covers

Think of your happy place – a place where you can have your “me time”. Does safe, private and cozy perfectly describe it? I bet that even the most extroverted among us would like to have a place that we could call our own. The same goes with our little fur ball of sunshine. Our beloved dogs that are by nature territorial tend to mark their own place whether we have planned it or not. Its’ good if you have provided such place for your pet. Most dog owners have preferred to use a crate for their dogs. Using dog crate covers, when used properly, can multiply the benefits.

Should I Place my Dog in a Crate?

Some pet owners do not crate their dogs as they view it as something abusive. If you don’t practice placing your dog in a crate, this article may not be best suited for you. While it is agreed that dog crating is not for everyone (as dogs have their own personality and preference) and should not be applied in all circumstances, here are the top 3 reasons why a number of dog owners place their pets in a crate:

  • Gives your dog their personal space – there are times that your dogs would want to relax and be left undisturbed. This can be their go-to place as long as it has also been an established household rule not to disturb your dogs when they are in their crates.
  • Keeps your dog safe and secure – there are times that you won’t be able to supervise your dogs and placing them on a crate will keep them safer.This is especially helpful when you have puppies that are very adventurous and reactive. Having them in a crate as you travel by land or air will keep them safer.
  • Helpful in training your dog – by nature, dogs would rather keep their places clean. With this, you can use your crate as a way to potty-train your dogs.  You can also refrain them from developing bad habits of chewing your shoes or other household furniture by giving a chew toy for them to enjoy inside their crates.

To Cover or Not to Cover?

“Should I put a cloth on it”is the next question faced by dog owners after deciding to crate their dogs. While there are other accessories needed in your dog’s home, one of the most important one to be considered is the crate cover. It is important to note however that dogs have their own personalities and will have their preferences for covers. However, it is highly recommended to try it out as it offers a lot of benefits. Most crates are wired and have open designs and offer very little privacy to our dogs. Imagine your bedroom with all the walls made of windows without glasses and curtains. Imagine looking up and seeing Mr. Golden Sun’s beams directly shining on your eyes. Choosing to crate your dog without the appropriate cover would be like providing your dog with a house without a roof and a wall. Saying “no” to dog crate covers would mean saying no to these benefits:

  • Reinforces the feeling of security and privacy–long ago, before multiple of breeds of dogs we now see today exists, wild dogs were den dwelling animals. Crate covers mimic that kind of environment for our dogs. As mentioned before in this article, when our dogs are properly trained, the crate serves as their personal space. If they can see a lot of things and distractions from inside their crates, then that purpose will be utterly defeated.
  • Providing a cozier environment to rest– adding a crate cover would give your dog additional warmth especially during the cold seasons. For hot weathers, a thinner material of crate cover can be used.
  • Helps your dog sleep better – crate covers will block your dog’s view of unnecessary things thus allowing them to sleep better. Some dogs are very reactive to their environment and will bark at the slightest movement from its surrounding.
  • Speeds up your dog’s crate training – along with the other benefits mentioned above, it makes crate training easier. For our dogs to associate the crate as a safe and their personal space, we need to reinforce that condition. Also, avoiding distractions by using crate covers will help your dog focus on the training.
  • More convenient travel time – while some dog owners prefer to travel their dogs without a crate, a number of dog owners have discovered the benefits of travelling with their dogs on a crate. Going along with a crate cover works well too as it will block the dogs view and thus lesser barking and movement. Some dogs are very reactive and will be barking and will consistently move. It will also help you keep off unwanted attention from passerby’s who might want to touch and poke your pets.

What to Pick With So Many Choices?

If you have decided to use a crate cover – that’s good! Now, there are other factors you may want to consider as you buy one:

  • Texture – the texture of your cloth will have an effect on the light and air that will come in your dog’s crate. Some dogs prefer to have more light on their dens while others prefer it dark. Also, you may want to use crate covers depending on the weather to provide a cozier environment for them. Use thinner materials for hot weathers and thicker materials when the temperature drops.
  • Fit – ensure that the crate cover has a snug fit on your crates. We don’t want unwanted cloth hanging around that may become a chew toy for your dog.
  • Color – the color would also have an effect to the light that will enter your dog’s crate. Going to the lighter shade would mean more light coming in.


While using dog crate covers offers a lot of benefits, we still must remember that dogs have their own personalities and preferences. Crate covers will be most advantageous for dogs who are reactive to their environment or those who does not want too much contact to their surroundings. Some dogs however, will be anxious not being able to see you or their environment. So to answer the question whether or not you should use crate covers, it will be best to give it a try. See what works best for your buddy!

John Stamus

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