Are Beagles Hunting Dogs?

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You might have seen your Beagle dogs digging and sniffing around things and wondered ‘are Beagles hunting dogs?’

Yes! Beagles have been used to hunt rabbits and other animals for centuries. They are still used to doing it today, but mostly as family pets.

In this article, I will talk a little bit about their history as hunting dogs and what characteristics of beagles make them good hunting dogs.

Are beagles hunting dogs?

Beagles are bred for hunting rabbits. They are still used to hunt rabbits today, but mostly as family pets. Beagles are popular in the US because of the cartoon strip “Beagle Boys.” Many other breeds of dogs no longer hunt due to generations of breeding them for pets.

What are the characteristics of beagles as hunting dogs?

Beagles are used as hunting dogs because they are able to track prey by scent. They are also small and lightweight, making them easy to transport. Beagles are also known for their high level of energy and enthusiasm, which makes them good for hunting.

Beagles are bred as hunting dogs and have many characteristics that make them good on the job. They are energetic and carefree, which keeps them moving quickly through the woods; they’re also optimistic, so they don’t get discouraged if they don’t catch a scent right away.

Beagles get along well with other dogs and most do well with cats if raised together, making them good for hunting in packs. Beagles are also affectionate and friendly, which makes them popular family pets; they’re especially kid-friendly.

Finally, beagles need plenty of exercises–both mental and physical–and they enjoy playing games as much as children do. However, beagles can also be difficult to train because they’re very smart animals who are independent thinkers; plus, they tend to bark a lot.

How were beagles originally used as hunting dogs?

Beagles, once a popular hunting dog, were used to track a hare or rabbit’s scent and were able to keep up with them. Beagling was a sport in which dogs were released to chase after a hare. Because beagles are so good at tracking prey, they have been known not to overlook the presence of birds as well. Consequently, they make excellent bird dogs.

Originally used as hunting dogs, beagles later fell out of popularity when fox hunting became more popular than beagling. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most versatile breeds of hunting dogs available today.

What are the current uses of beagles as hunting dogs?

Beagles have been used as hunting dogs for centuries. They are considered to be one of the top three hunting dogs in the canine world. Beagles were originally bred to hunt hares, but they are also used to hunt birds.

Hunting with beagles is called beagling. It is a sport where dogs are released to chase after a fox (hare). The beagles’ exceptional sense of smell was put to good use in hunting birds.

Beagling ended when fox hunting fell out of favor. However, beagles are still used today as hunting dogs. They have endurance and can keep up with rabbits running away, so they don’t need speed in order to catch them. Beagles were used in packs of up to 40 dogs and directed by one Huntsman and a group of whippers-in

What are the pros and cons of using beagles as hunting dogs?


  • Beagles have a friendly nature which allows them to get along with other dogs in the pack. This is a big pro when it comes to hunting because beagles work best in packs.
  • They are always ready and love being outdoors, making them perfect for hunting. Their coat is short and coarse, helping to protect them from the underbrush. Beagles are packed hunters and make great watchdogs.
  • They’re also incredibly curious but their curiosity could be a con depending on how you look at it; this trait can sometimes lead them astray while they’re hunting.
  • Another pro for beagles is that they’re sweet, loving, and loyal animals that love games like fetching balls or playing hide and seek with children.
  • Lastly, beagles can smell deer from miles away, making them perfect for hunting deer-hunting season in the fall/winter months.


  • The only downside to using beagles as hunting dogs is that they’re not as fast as other breeds, so they won’t be able to catch a fleeing rabbit; however, they make up for it by being very relentless in their pursuit of prey until they catch it.

Final Thought

Beagles are still used to hunt animals. Though they’re not typically viewed as hunting dogs, beagles are still used to hunt rabbits and other small creatures.

They’re effective at doing so due to their instinctual hunting behavior, coupled with their powerful sense of smell. If you have a backyard full of rabbits, a beagle might make an excellent pet—but don’t expect it to help take down game any larger than that!